Financial Education for Staff

Did you know that financially unprepared employees are twice as likely to be distracted and unfocused at work? As an employer you can positively impact your bottom line by investing in financial education for your staff. Red Seal Financial Ltd. and Dawn Vader can help you do this.

Dawn Vader will come on-site during business hours and work with each member of your staff in one-on-one sessions to answer questions and provide guidance on financial, insurance and estate planning matters. These sessions often lead to follow up meetings where your employee develops a financial plan. By going through this planning process your staff will have a clearer picture of the direction they are heading and more importantly, have a goal for where they want to end up.

This service is offered at no cost to both employers and employees. As an employer your only cost is the hour the employee takes during the business day to meet and get educated. This one-time investment has the potential to improve the employee's productivity over the long-term and ultimately boost your bottom line. By volunteering our time with ALL your employees, we are able to help those that might not otherwise attract the attention of an advisor and those that have genuine needs we can solve ultimately become long-term clients.


Introduce Yourself

To learn more about how our employee education service works reach out and we would be happy to educate you.