Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan

A Group RRSP allows your business to offer to its employees a convenient, easy way to save for retirement. Through a simple payroll deduction at source, employees can make monthly contributions to their account. As the business owner you can decide to match a portion of the contribution in order to encourage saving. A Group RRSP can help you differentiate yourself from other employers and helps you ensure your employees have the tool they need to save for their retirement. 

Most importantly, a Group RRSP can help improve your bottom line. According to the Manulife Health and Wellness Study 2014 financially prepared employees are more likely to be productive at work. To get more information on how Red Seal Financial Ltd. can help your business improve employee engagement and productivity by implementing a Group RRSP, contact Dawn Vader today. 

The Financially Prepared Employee

The Financially Unprepared Employee

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