How to Become An Organ Donor Pay It Forward

Did you know that there are over 4,500 people in Canada on a wait list waiting for a transplant? This is despite the fact that over 90% of Canadians say they support organ and tissue donation. The problem? Most people haven’t taken the time to register as an organ donor, and so only 1% of deaths in hospitals end up becoming organ donors to help those in need.

Did you know there is a very easy way to register? You can do it online at .

Click the ‘register’ button on the homepage and choose your province.

Pick your Province or Territory


From here you’ll be directed to the appropriate provincial webpage where you can proceed with registering as a donor.

Each province is different, but in Alberta you’ll need to enter some personal information and determine your donation preferences. There are three areas you can choose to donate to:

  1. For transplantation (save lives)
  2. For scientific research
  3. For medical education

All three are important, but everyone will feel differently about how they want their remains to be treated. It’s MOST important that you choose the transplantation option. This one will help save lives.

When you purchase life insurance you’re making a commitment while you’re alive to provide for your loved ones should you pass away unexpectedly. Consider making the same commitment to a stranger by becoming an organ donor today.


Become an Organ Donor

Give the gift of life. If you’re taking steps to care for your loved ones, consider taking steps to care for a stranger in need too.