Is the Layered TERM LIFE Insurance Strategy for you? Make sure your insurance strategy best suits your ever-changing needs

If you want to make an good decision just once that will ensure you can afford simple LIFE Insurance for the next 30 years, then a layered TERM Insurance strategy may be just the LIFE insurance planning tool you’re looking for.

LIFE insurance is intended to be revisited as you age and life events happen. Think births, marriages, divorces, deaths and the ups & downs of debt.  Ideally, you should make sure your LIFE insurance fits you at every stage by talking to your Advisor annually or as Life events happen..

That said, life happens and when things get busy, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make a solid planning decision now taking into consideration the variables you know.  A Layered TERM insurance strategy can be a great solution.

When you combine TERM 10, TERM  20 and TERM 30 you get lots of coverage in the first 10 years while knowing you’ll still having some coverage for the next 30 years.  Where TERM LIFE insurance is concerned, you have maximum flexibility once the policy is in force.

Cover mortgage debt and your family’s lifestyle and education costs with affordable TERM Life insurance.  Consider converting to PERMANENT LIFE Insurance for Final Expense coverage and to achieve long term goals when your budget allows.

Ready to find an insurance strategy that works for both your needs and your budget?

We’d love to help with that.